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Over the weekend we learned about the new records feature arriving in Wednesday’s Version 2.0 update. Now, Biff has decided to follow up via the game’s Japanese Twitter account. Thanks to the folks over at @armsfan_eng there’s a better translated version of the tweet:

“「Records」will be updated from now on in [Ver.3] and [Ver.4]. With each delivery, a new page will be created. Previous records can be viewed, but not modified. The records will be a chronicle of your growth! Aggregate content is also planned for each new update. We of the ARMS League look forward to a long lasting relationship!”

Sounds like with each update we’ll be able to see how we performed under those versions’ balances and new additions. Luckily we have less than 24 hours until we can see where we rank in our development. This will give you more of a reason not to skip ARMS day!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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