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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack has finally landed and perhaps the most substantial addition is the “Trail of the Sword.” This 45 floor gauntlet tests players in plenty of ways, and it’ll no doubt keep fans busy for a while.

That said, some ardent fans have played through and recorded the entire thing already. One such player is AbdallahSmash026, with a whopping 4 hour long video! You can check it out below:


From this point on we’ll discuss a few things that could be considered spoilers, so be sure to click away now if you want to experience the trial yourselves.

First up is the reward for beating the 45 floors – a Master Sword that is always powered up. This was the one shortcoming of the blade in the main game, as it only activated its powered up state in certain instances. Now, players can throw sword beams to their heart’s content.

The other noteworthy bit is a sneaky reference near the end – Fi’s associated sound effect. Those with good hearing would have also heard it in the final unlocked memory cutscene in the main game, alongside a snippet of her theme, but it’s nice to see Nintendo is continuing to call back to the spirit within the sword.

Good luck with completing the Trial of the Sword yourselves!

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Written by Tom Brown

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