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The Squid Research Lab is back at giving us the rundown of weapons that might be appearing in next week’s 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational. Some of these seem quite familiar, but one special weapon is terrifyingly new.

Weapon: Dynamo Roller

What a beauty! The gold hardware on this one might seem a bit dull to its original version, but luckily, it’s still quite as powerful and heavy. For you speedy Inklings, this may not be the ideal weapon for you, but that lack of speed is made up for in strength, and it’s sub and special weapons balance it out.



Sub Weapon: Ink Mine

A personal favorite of mine, Ink Mines are back, too! Perhaps the number two is quite special because you can place up to two live mines on the map. Want to have the upper hand in a match? Plonk these down just before an enemy Inkling spots you and thinks they can take you out. If the mines don’t take them out, then your roller surely will. Boom, boom, splat.



Special Weapon: Sting Ray

A special you don’t want to be on the receiving end of — this industrial firehose ink-gun with a massive tank is the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Once activated, a powerful stream of nearly never ending ink will mow down opponents and cover so much turf that this special could make all the difference during the last few seconds of a Turf War match. Seriously, is this the cousin to Splatoon’s Inkstrike?



Weapon: Splash-o-matic

Another OG weapon is back today and it’s sort of a foil of the Dynamo Roller. While the Splash-o-matic might not be the most powerful shooter out there, this weapon can certainly dole out ink lickety-split and is perfect for team members who make it their mission to paint the entire maps. Someone else can do the splatting, but if there’s a need…



Sub-Weapon: Toxic Mist

Cover earlier this week as “Poison Mist,” Toxic Mist will certainly aid you here. Looking to overtake a highly contested area? Throw this down and pick off your floundering opponents one by one. Your opponent’s speed will drop in addition to their ink tank supply. You’ll definitely want to avoid the area when this is activated!

Special Weapon: Inkjet

You’ll briefly take to the skies in this jetpack fueled by ink and the possible tears of your enemies. Instead of swimming through ink as the Kraken, this flip of sorts will make matches interesting. Studying the game’s new maps will allow you to come up with new escape plans as you reach new heights!


Only a few more days until E3! I’m still holding out for a detailed report on a Slosher — any Slosher! What do you want to see in tomorrow’s reports?

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