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To the Squids, Kids or Squid Kids who prefer the standard shooter class in Splatoon — you’ll be happy to hear that the Splattershot Pro is officially back! Let’s see what changes it’s gone through since the first game.

Weapon: Splattershot Pro

Color me pink! Look at you, Splattershot Pro, getting a new fresh coat of neon ink. While it’s not as bright as its spinoff, Berry Splattershot Pro, the ink reservoir will be colored in relation to your assigned team. Neon pink and neon purple are shown off so far in these official screenshots.


Sub-Weapon: Point Sensor

This classic is back and not all that different. The Point Sensor will function the same as before — once thrown you’ll be able to track an enemy’s movement if they’re in the Point Sensor’s range. The Point Sensor will hang out for a brief period of time, marking any opponent’s location once they enter the device’s range.


Special Weapon: “Aplysia”

We’re not sure if this will be its official name in North America or Europe, but this bomb shower head-like device’s name does mean something! Aplysia is a term used in classifying sea slugs — mainly medium to extra large sized ones. Throw this sucker out onto the map and you’ll make it rain. This rainy cloud will work in your favor, but not so much for your opponents… Plan it right and you could maybe take out a whole team with this new special weapon!


We’re still hoping that a Charger or Slosher will be featured by the end of the week. Nintendo, you have to give us a good sampling to fawn over now, or else we’ll be flailing around in glee when we see our favorite weapons return.

Are you excited that the Splattershot Pro is back? What do you think of the new sub and special weapons? Comment down below and let us know!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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