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Teased yesterday, a new challenger entered the ring in this weekend’s Global Testpunch. Boy oh boy, Biff was right that we should worry….

Meet Hedlok. A possible cousin or engineered sibling to Helix, this four armed fighter (six when controlling another fighter) escaped the ARMS Research Laboratory. We don’t know officially how Hedlok will be involved in ARMS, but something tells us that he’ll be involved in the final fight in the Grand Prix.

At least in tonight’s Global Testpunch for North America, fighters were grouped in teams of three to take down Hedlok. A difficulty level of 1 to 7 was assigned and was stated alongside his name, with his appearance being different in each match. Controlling one of the ten fighters (minus Barq, please don’t ever control our precious doggo), his ARMS appear to be random, other than having three of one type on each side. This can be deadly if Megaton and Megawatt are ever paired together! Hedlok has his own special Rush attack too, and it packs quite a punch with 500 damage.

Were you able to take out Hedlok tonight? What will you do to prepare for more match-ups against him this weekend?

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Written by Jennifer Burch

Illustrator, designer, writer and big Nintendo geek, you can find Jennifer with an N3DS within reach 24/7. As the oldest of three, she has survived many Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart sessions intact in addition to getting her brothers hooked on some really weird games. (Cubivore anyone?)