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We’re almost two week away from ARMS’ release and just yesterday the preview embargo was lifted for those lucky punches who have review copies.

GameXplain has posted its own preview discussion and the folks over there have dropped all sorts of new information!

Grand Prix

Grand Prix won’t just be ten matches of 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. Skillshot, Hoops and V-ball will be mixed in there, too, which will help add some variety while you make your way to the champion of ARMS. There’s also a difficulty level involved, so you can pick anywhere between 1 and 7 to give yourself a challenge.



Ranked matches

Ranked Matches will not include any items (i.e., rush boosts) so you’ll have to rely on your skills to win. We already have the titles to some of the ranking levels too: Rank 1 is Snail and Rank 2 is Lollipop. If you happen to be consistently winning matches in the group you’re playing with, don’t be shocked if you start off with half or even a quarter of the regular health bar! No official word on how many matches you need to be winning in order for this to kick in, but if you can beat your opponents with this modifier then you’ll be raking in extra in-game currency.



ARMS Getter

The ARMS Getter gets a bit of a rundown as well. While we noticed here at Nintendo Wire that you would have to unlock each ARMS for every individual character, the distribution of them is a bit lax. When you pay for your timed session you’ll be getting ARMS for the whole roster… Though if you want to complete a specific character’s inventory first, play as him/her, and from your haul a significant number of ARMS will be assigned to that character.

GameXplain has uploaded additional videos showing off different areas of the game — our favorites are the victory animations and color alts for all ten characters. Check them out!




Stage Selection and Sound Selection

The theme song for each fighter and their arena have been given the okay to upload online. Nintendo Force has composed a playlist on YouTube if you want to start listening to your favorite fighter’s track!

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