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Yesterday’s images showing off characters that will appear in Fire Emblem Warriors came as a big surprise after going months without any news regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch and 3DS title — and it looks like that wasn’t quite the end of it! Once again, Famitsu has provided us with shots of characters in action within the game. Chrom, Marth, Shion and Lian grace us with their determined faces, appearing ready for battle, in this second gallery. And this time, we have a much clearer and better look at all four!





While no new information has been provided in this peek into Fire Emblem Warriors, having a closer look at two brand new characters to the series has us yearning for more news. We’re eagerly awaiting this next Famitsu issue’s release, which is slated for tomorrow, June 1st, for we’re likely to receive new information about the game in some capacity. The fact that we’ve been given new visuals over the last two days leads us to believe that will be the case.

What will these two new characters offer in terms of gameplay? Are Marth and Chrom bringing anything new to the table? Stay tuned!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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