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We’re here again reporting on all the tidbits that Japan’s ARMS Twitter account is sharing. At this rate, Biff, Isabelle and the Squid Research Lab should swap Twitter notes and contact info. They’re all very punctual and social media savvy. Maybe Barq could be a neighbor in the next Animal Crossing? Oh, if only…

Anyway, let’s get on to today’s tweets!

Charge up and take down

If you had trouble defeating Mechanica over the weekend then Biff has a helpful suggestion for you. Using Spring Man as an example, Biff lets us know that if you charge up your ARMS and land a punch with them then Mechanica will be knocked off her robot feet! That animation will give you enough time to strike… Good time to follow up with a Rush attack, huh?



3 Points

Hoops will have you throwing your opponents through baskets for points. The first player or team to ten points will win the match. Check out this GIF if you want to get to the finish line the quickest way possible:


Keep your eyes on the court lines and maybe you can shoot three-pointer after three-pointer to claim victory!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

You’ll have to reconsider your ARMS this weekend, as Skillshot is a bit different than the other modes. Outfitting Spring Man with two Tribolts may not be great for a fight, but it’s excellent for taking out targets! Hmm, I wonder how Twintelle with two Parasols would fare…?



Countdown to Round 2

Master Mummy is featured in today’s countdown. Two days to go for North America, and three days for the rest of the world until the servers are live for the Global Testpunch’s Round 2!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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