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Serebii reported in its daily news roundup a very interesting possibility. From the site:

“Earlier today, the Japanese retailer Sinobi listed a new arcade stick for the Nintendo Switch in their listings. In this listing, it mentioned that the stick can be used in fighting games such as Pokkén. They have since removed this note. It’s currently unclear whether or not this was a mistake in listing something early or a mistake in the game not existing so it’s currently unclear. Do note, this is currently classed as rumour and should not be taken as fact at this time. We’ll bring any further details as they come[.]”

This could have been a copy text error on Sinobi’s part, or it could be accidentally tipping off Pokkén Tournament’s future on the new console. Originally an arcade game, the Wii U port is still missing the full roster of characters. With various games being rumored to make the jump to the Nintendo Switch, Pokkén Tournament may see a future there — as a port or a sequel.

This could also be wishful thinking, as this arcade stick is probably intended for ARMS… and the much anticipated Super Smash Bros. game that’ll be on the system at some point. (Once again, port or sequel — it’s all speculation.)

Do you want to see Pokkén Tournament come to the Switch? Have a particular Pokémon that you want to see make the fighter selection? Let us know!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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