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Famitsu was able to interview Atsushi Inaba, executive director and producer at PlatinumGames, during BitSummit this month. The piece closes with a few questions about the Nintendo Switch and PlatinumGames’ involvement since the company’s logo was part of the massive developer list back in January.

He praises the Switch for its ability to travel and serve as both a home console and a portable system. That quality lends itself to the wide spectrum of genres and types in the community — big AAA titles to casual games. Given this key feature, video game developers will be able to rely on the system as the production environment changes over the next few years.


As for PlatinumGames’ first game for the Switch, Mr. Inaba confirmed that it’s still in the works and all he would divulge is that it would be interesting. You can read into that one word a million different ways, but hopefully this year’s E3 or another game conference will shed a few more details. Plus, this time around, PlatinumGames will have a Bayonetta amiibo to play around with if it feels like dabbling in amiibo functionality. It could be very interesting indeed!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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