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Time to slip on those gloves again after this holiday weekend. Let’s see what Nintendo is sharing about ARMS today!

Champion belt for Round 1

Ninjara and Min Min may have been the most popular fighters, but if you’re asking who won the most battles then you may be surprised. Biff shared the winner on Japan’s ARMS twitter account.

Sorry, Min Min for the Win Win, but Mechanica took the top spot in battle wins over the weekend. This wonder girl genius can add Global Testpunch Round One Winner to her accolades. Now the big question is: Will she take round two this weekend?

Global Testpunch visits Mintendo Noodle House

This weekend Ramen Bowl will be part of the map rotation. Before you ask, yes that name is canon — and no, we don’t know if Nintendo will open up a pop up ramen shop… or a hamburger joint if you’re into that.


Twintelle in the spotlight

The fighter profile videos are being posted outside of Nintendo of Japan’s YouTube. The UK division of Nintendo kicked things off with posting Twintelle first. Nintendo of America hasn’t posted the videos on social media yet, but all the videos are available on each fighter’s page on the official ARMS site. If you want to watch all ten videos, we’ve included them in our fighter profile article here at Nintendo Wire!

This stunning A-lister is the focus of today’s next Testpunch countdown GIF. We’ve got three days to go for North America, yet four days for everywhere else. Given the number’s placement… is there any way we can customize our favorite fighters’ outfits? Maybe part of the free DLC that’s been promised?

That’s all for today. Given Biff’s activity, we wonder what he’ll share next. Will we see the full roster of fighters this weekend?

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