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ComicBook’s video game division, WWG, has released even more details about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. In response to last week’s leaked announcement and feelings that were stirred up in the Nintendo fandom, Liam Robertson spilled some extremely interesting information.

Supposedly, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been in development for years and even had Wii U prototypes. This is a bit surprising due to Ubisoft’s treatment of the system with Rayman Legends. Obviously, at some point in development, the game was moved to the Switch, but there’s no confirmation for any ideas/Wii U functionality that was scrapped.

mario_rabbids presentation leak

If you’re clamoring for more amiibo, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle may get its own line. That’s right, it’s a real possibility. If you’re hoping for the concept to get scrapped, you should keep in mind that there will be amiibo functionality regardless, thanks to a game mode dubbed “amiibo machine.”

For more details about Nintendo’s involvement and what shenanigans could possibly occur (#RabbidPeach #Fabulous), check out the full article on WWG!

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