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Biff is back on Twitter, reporting on this weekend’s Global Testpunch and what’s in store for the next event this weekend. Here’s the latest news:

B-ball time

If you’re feeling a bit burned by ARMS’ V-ball battle mode, then you’re in luck! Next weekend’s sessions will bring Hoops into the rotation. The first player to ten points will win the match — or, if the timer runs out before someone acquires ten points, the player who earns the highest score will walk away the winner. Standard basketball rules apply. More specifically, the rules including two point or three point shots should be followed. (Grabbing your opponent and slam dunking them into the basket would earn you a foul, at the very least, in real life.)



Skillshot’s debut

Still wanting something else to try? Skillshot will be debuting as well. Think you can take out your opponent while smashing all the targets?



Fan favorites

Curious about who the two top fighters were this past weekend? Ninjara and Min Min were the fan favorites. Let’s see if they can hold their positions for round two. Or will Min Min usurp Ninjara? Let the countdown for the next Testpunch begin!



Feel the love

Don’t feel too bad for Spring Man if he’s your number one guy — he’s the next fighter to receive the official artwork treatment! It looks like he had a busy weekend… and now we know what ARMS fighters look like outside of battle!



Check out two modes

From the Nintendo of America side, a new 30 second trailer/commercial is up on YouTube this morning. Split screen versus and table top mode are shown off while potential Easter eggs are hidden in this garage setting. I’ll take the KO light/statue and the official ARMS punching bag in the background there Nintendo, thank you very much.


Spot anything in Nintendo’s latest trailer? Looking forward to this weekend’s Global Testpunch? We’d love to hear what you think of the demo so far!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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