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Today’s the day for North America to try out ARMS! Remember though, countries outside of the US won’t be able to experience the Testpunch until tomorrow, so the game’s Japanese Twitter account is still tweeting in anticipation for the upcoming event. Let’s see what made the cut today.

Helix Takeover

Oh Helix, we love you. The mysterious man from the ARMS research lab decided to briefly try tweeting. Let’s just say that, for right now, he’s a great fighter — unless anyone is able to decipher his postings. Perhaps he might be a poet ahead of his time. r M z G d . , @ > i to you, Helix!




Biff’s Tip

Unsure about what ARMS to pick for your match? If you keep an eagle eye focused on your opponent, then you can base your combination on what they pick. What do you think is the best way to take down Min Min when she’s wielding two Dragon ARMS?



1 vs. 100

We have a small clip of the 1 vs. 100 mode in action while waiting for an online matchup to start. The nameless enemies we’ll get to take down look like earlier versions of Helix. Perhaps these were failed experiments? Trying to make a “punching bag” into a sentient being?



Helix Party (Round Four)

Helix vs. Ribbon Girl, Spring Man and Twintelle? Of all the fighters to take on this challenge, Helix could pull it off — and does momentarily. Good idea for training, but you’ll have to be much faster dodging those punches!



Min Min gets her ramen fix

As we joked about on our Twitter earlier this morning, Min Min is carbing up for tonight! It looks like she’s have a great bowl of ramen… Maybe she’ll share what her favorite broth and noodles are!


We wish you a fantastic time if you’re partaking in this weekend’s Global Testpunch! Let us know what feats you were able to pull off during your matches!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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