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Ready for today’s batch of ARMS news? We know we are! Here we go…

An ARMS triangle…?

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” is in ARMS’ framework. Thanks to Google translate and some finessing from Nintendo Wire’s Ricky Berg, we know that “guard beats punch, throw beats guard and punch beats throw.” Keep this in mind over the weekend when learning the game’s controls! We all need to practice, especially if there’s a chance to participate in the ARMS Open Invitational at E3.


With this element confirmed… when will Hector and Takumi from Fire Emblem (specifically their appearances from Heroes) be making a cameo here? Maybe the Fire Emblem amiibo can find a home and train in anticipation for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Spotlight: Min Min

The ramen bomber is showing off her Dragon Arm and martial arts kicks again. Given these techniques, it’ll be fun to see what saves, last minute KOs and comebacks she’ll have. We can’t wait for the play-by-plays from livestreams and our own battles this weekend!




Helix Party (Round Three)

Two days until the Global Testpunch, or one day if you’re in North America! Today’s countdown features two Helixes at Ninja College, staring each other down and circling one another, ready to duke it out. Which Helix will win? Will we see Green Helix’s victory animation tomorrow for the “1 Day” countdown? Why am I asking questions that’ll be answered tomorrow morning? Why not?!


Are you ready for the Global Testpunch? Let us know which fighter(s) you’ll be playing as this weekend!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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