Slashy Hero developer Gentlebros Games recently shared some insight about its new project, Cat Quest, coming to various gaming consoles, including the Switch. The title provides players the chance to explore an open world… filled with cats — and you’ll play as a cat-venturer as you explore a tapestry-styled continent in 2D. From raiding dungeons for loot to meeting furry inhabitants all over the world, you can “relive the good old days of exploring an overworld map,” thanks to the development team’s love for old school JRPGs like Final Fantasy.

Desmond Wong, CEO and artist for Gentlebros, recently met with Gaming Trend to give fans a few tidbits of information regarding Cat Quest, the inspiration behind it and the game’s development. In it, we discover that Wong and his team were eager to work with Nintendo from the very beginning and that, ultimately, the decision about whether or not Cat Quest would be on the Switch was Nintendo’s alone. Fortunately for Gentlebros, Nintendo loved the concept behind Cat Quest and asked the team to bring it to the Switch.

When asked what obstacles or difficulties the team faced developing for a newer console compared to mobile or PC, Wong wasn’t afraid to admit that problem solving becomes a group activity. Since newer consoles produce new, never before seen bugs that no one else has experienced, there’s often less information to go on when it comes to finding fixes. Luckily, with so many developers working on the Switch, there’s already a good amount of support offered for the system — and many developers won’t hesitate to work together to find solutions.

Gentlebros is uniquely made up of veterans from the gaming industry, giving everyone on the team a fun and different outlook when it comes to creating innovative titles. With Slashy Hero’s mobile device release already under its belt, moving on to develop Cat Quest for a wide range of devices — including iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and the Switch — is a brave new step for the company to take, and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone on the team.

Cat Quest releases sometime in 2017. Keep track of Cat Quest news by checking out the official site, and get a closer look at Cat Quest in action by watching the trailer!



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Written by Lauren Ganos
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