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Once again, it’s time to see what Biff is up to on the ARMS’ Twitter account.

ARMS introduction video

Even more footage of the game has been released. If you’re a visual learner, there’s a guide about controls with the Joy-Cons. As for any new in-game information, it looks like the ARMS Getter has an incentive for us to learn about all the game’s fighters. If you want to unlock all the ARMS so you can make the perfect fighter for yourself, you may have to unlock the gloves for each individual character. Time to start exercising so that you’ll never miss arm day!



Global Testpunch stage selection

The first weekend of the Global Testpunch will only have you battling on three maps: Spring Stadium, Ninja College and DNA Lab. There’s no mention about selecting the map you want, so it’s possible you’ll be randomly thrown into one without the ability to choose. Here’s hoping that the next session will rotate the selection and we can visit Min Min’s map, Ramen Bowl!


Spotlight: Master Mummy

Just like Mechanica yesterday, Master Mummy is today’s focus. His abilities to take punches without flinching and heal while guarding are showcased again. There’s also a great view of Megaton taking out Spring Man’s punches and Spring Man himself. As for the tweet with him and Twintelle, the translation is a bit jumbled, but we can definitely see Master Mummy “glowing” purple. Hm, wonder if he has another trick up his bandages?





Helix Party (Round Two)

There are two days to go in North America (and three days to go elsewhere in the world) until the Global Testpunch begins. Three of the four Helixes from yesterday are back, and this time they’re hiding behind the incubation column-like devices that are scattered around in Helix’s map, DNA Lab.


If you don’t have a Switch and still want to check out the Global Testpunch, NicoNico will be streaming one of the segments from this weekend’s session. No word if we’ll have a North American counterpart to this, outside of Twitch at least.

Excited to enter the ring soon?

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