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To say the ARMS Direct was a smash hit wouldn’t be a stretch, with plenty of new things to see. At the forefront of these announcements were three new fighters extending their reach into the game’s cast of colorful combatants. Let’s waste no time and take a look at the twists they bring to the ring!

Shown off first was Kid Cobra, a ‘Snakeboarder’ who’s on the hunt for more popularity. Joining the ARMS tour and live streaming the whole way through, he’s shown to be a dynamic character when it comes to posing. His snake theme lends itself to the game’s motifs really well, and reveals more corners of the game’s growing world. His special trait allows him to slide low under punches, moving him down and forward in a way that’s both defensive and offensive in its pursuit potential.

The next fighter is actually a pair, working together to take on opponents and lawbreakers. Byte & Barq are a duo of clockwork crimefighters who play off of each other to make the best of their abilities. Byte, the officer, handles the punching while Barq, his canine companion, rolls alongside on assist duty. Byte will be able to use Barq as a springboard, giving him some extra lift to come from super high angles. Likewise, they’ll be able to fuse together to create a dog-headed bastion of law and order and punching.

Finally we saw Twintelle, who was hinted at via some Tweets from the Japanese ARMS account earlier today. This A-list movie star carries herself with haughtiness and sophistication, crossing her arms as she struts towards her adversaries. But with her arms crossed, what about her ARMS? Turns out this celebrity throws punches with her hair instead! While this sort of follicle fueled fighting isn’t new to the genre, the twist ARMS puts on it is certainly unique. Her twintail style actually serves as her limbs, and her starpower lets her slow down enemies when she charges up her hits.

arms twintelle

That’s it for the new fighters in the spotlight, but we also got a look at what could be another new addition. A hulking, gladiator like enemy was shown and implied to be the final opponent in the ten fighter gauntlet that is the ARMS Grand Prix mode. By the end of the trailer we also saw an ARMS wreathed mask, opening up plenty of possibilities.

With free fighter DLC confirmed, this character could either join the ranks later or be some kind of unlockable in the game as is. Only time will tell, but rest assured we’ll be delivering all these discoveries as they come!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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