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Today’s ARMS focused Direct schooled us in much of what’s to come in Nintendo’s upcoming colorful competitive fighter. The first lesson delved deep into two core mechanics that are important for any budding brawler to get a handle on: weight and attributes.

When it comes to the former, it’s key to remember that your flexible fist’s weight class greatly affects projectile momentum. Heavy ARMS pack a serious punch, but are far slower than their nimble, multi-hit counterparts, which attack in a flurry of successive weaker strikes. Attacks also have the ability to cancel each other out if they’re of the same weight class, with heavier ARMS knocking down lighter ones. It’s a clever mechanic that’s sure to provide a ton of strategy between knowing when to dodge or outright overpower your opponent’s attacks.

As for attributes, there are seven to master — each one kicking in after diligently charging up your fatal fists of fury. Fire burns and provides guaranteed knockdowns; Electric shocks and helps create openings; Wind blows back with gusty cyclones; Ice freezes and slows down movement speed; Stun momentarily paralyzes; Explosion blasts rivals to Kingdom come; and Blind hinders eyesight with a splash of screen obstructing gunk. (Think Bloopers in Mario Kart.) Different ARMS have different attributes, making clever combinations key to winning bouts.

For more on ARMS, you’re already plugged in to the right place. And if you’re in the mood to soak in some of the action again, feel free to watch the ARMS-centric Direct below.


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Written by Matthew Weidner

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