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Just a short while ago Sega confirmed the third character for Sonic Forces, who it turns out will be entirely your creation.

IGN had the chance to get more info from Sega. For starters, you’ll be limited to seven character types, in the form of species. Each has their own perk, so start planning accordingly!

  • Bear — Blows away enemies with a homing attack
  • Bird — Flies high with double jump abilities
  • Cat — Keeps one ring after being hit
  • Dog — Restarts with five rings after the player dies
  • Hedgehog — Collects rings when getting damaged
  • Rabbit — Has longer invincible time after receiving damage
  • Wolf — Automatically draws in rings when near them

From there, costumes and accessories are next. Over hundreds are being reported and a portion of those will have to be unlocked in game (no word on what challenges await). Each character will have access to a grappling hook – the item was shown off in yesterday’s teaser image that had us scratching our heads. From there you’ll be able to pick out a “Wispon”, a play on Wisps and power ups in Sonic Colors (like the flamethrower weapon shown on in this morning’s trailer). The Wispons will vary and not only deal damage when taking down foes, they’ll also be able to aid in moving and exploring around levels.

If you choose to bring your original character to life, they’ll play a significant part in the game’s cutscenes.

Are you digging through old drawings to find your Sonic OC? Based on what we know, what animal type are you leaning towards? Let us know!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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