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The next stirring, spine-tingling entry in the scintillating Squid Sisters Stories series has been posted to the official Splatoon website. In Chapter 6, Marie is left waiting at the station for Callie… who never arrives. Marie frantically tries to find her to no avail, so she rushes back to their apartment in search of her — and the apartment looks exactly as it did when she left.

What happens next? We’re left wondering. Based on the footage we’ve seen of Splatoon 2, it looks like Callie and Marie are split up. Maybe the next chapter of the story will tell us why!

The Squid Sisters Stories is an ongoing event that looks to chronicle the happenings of Squid superstars Callie and Marie, following the end of the original Splatoon’s last Splatfest. Catch yourself up on the earlier chapters, and then read the newest installment, Chapter 6, to get all the juicy details.

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