Brian Shea recently interviewed Writer and Comms Director Andy Robinson from Playtonic Games about Yooka-Laylee’s post-launch. The game’s release brought along an array of review scores. Our sister site, PlayStation Wire, gave it an 8.7, whereas Polygon issued it a 5.5 and IGN deemed it worthy of a 7. Andy discusses that the team was already expecting a variety of scores, but not to the extent it received last month.

“It’s difficult to please everybody all the time of course, but the comments we’ve seen –- good and bad, and there were a lot of really positive reviews –- suggest that fans of golden age 3D platformers will enjoy Yooka-Laylee a lot. Of course, we take all constructive criticism on board, which is why we’ve already released a patch to further improve things like performance and polish, and we’re continuing to do that behind the scenes.”

Other details covered in the article included cut dialogue (not including the JonTron omission). And sorry, fans of breaking the fourth wall trope, because a doozy was originally in the script. Andy shared it:

“At one point Capital B had a whole series of taunts for the Icymetric Palace area, including one for the room with the endless scrolling walls which literally called out the area for, ‘breaking the fourth wall… and the fifth, and six…’

There was also a something in Capital Cashino about the target game being the spiritual successor to the earlier target game, but the NPC for that challenge ended up being cut.”

In true tongue-in-cheek fashion, we can look forward to the franchise getting a sequel, but hopefully not with “[c]lass-based, free-to-play brawling and microtransactions” that Andy shared. Yes, even if the Playtonic crew wants a new hat for Trowzer, we’d still prefer a sequel remedying the biggest complaints about the game — or having a Yooka-Laylee amiibo ready for when it comes to the Switch later this year.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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