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The only thing more important than winning a Turf War is looking good doing it. That’s why Inklings have their minds on the hottest threads and the freshest styles nearly all the time. Thanks to the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account we can try and keep up with just what these squidkids are into.


A new brand making its summer debut in Inkopolis Square has been shown off for the whole world to see, and it looks to take inspiration from punk styles and trends. That means lots of plaid pattern and slogans across the shirts, and face masks as an accessory choice. Almost all of the Japanese names of brands were changed for the localized game, but it looks like these ones are from ‘Anarki’, no doubt taking cues from the word “Anarchy”.

You can look forward to these and plenty other fashion choices when the game super jumps on to your Switch on July 21st!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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