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While the likelihood of it heading west seems slim, the Seiken Densetsu Collection is an exciting prospect all the same. Collecting the first three games in the legendary Mana franchise (Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana and the unlocalized Seiken Densetsu 3), it looks to be be a great selection to dive into at any time, courtesy of the Nintendo Switch’s versatility.

Now the official Japanese Twitter account for the franchise is sharing some videos of the game in motion. First up are the video options available when playing the Game Boy title that started it all; Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure:


As you can see, three color palettes will be available and two screen size options. In a nice touch, going for the pea-green aesthetic of the original Game Boy changes the border to match. It’s also noted that the other two games will have screen size options, but as they’re SNES games there’s no need for color adjustment.

After that we have a look at the Quick Save function, which is basically the same as the save state system seen in countless emulators and even Nintendo’s own Virtual Console offerings. Still, it should be handy considering Secret of Mana originally limited saving to Inns.


Finally there’s a bit of a bonus that’s sure to please fans of the music composed by Kenji Ito and Hiroki Kikuta. On the collection’s main menu you can listen to any of the music from the games at any time.


Seiken Densetsu Collection releases on June 1st in Japan. A western release has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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Written by Tom Brown

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