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Another new line of merchandise will be making its way to the Pokémon Center in Japan on May 20th. Following the Easter Pikachu and Ash Hat Pikachu collections is the ‘Look Upon the Stars’ series. Shifting the sole focus from Pikachu this time, the upcoming products will feature a darker color palette with themes of stars and constellations front and center.

Pikachu isn’t the only face of this collection, as Cosmog, the adorable and oh-so-lovable nebulous Pokémon that was first introduced in Sun & Moon, also makes a substantial appearance. Most notable is the Cosmog plush, naturally featuring character details from the game and anime, from his wispy arms and the ellipse tracing his head to the striking vibrancy the blue and purple color blend.

And, as always, the regular sized plush is joined by a smaller keychain plush version. Also joining the lineup are products like a pillow, a drawstring pouch, bags and other carriers, a wallet, keychains and a number of other themed items celebrating the more than stellar Sun & Moon game. Even a life-size case that Lillie carries Cosmog in has made its way to the collection!

View the product gallery:

We’re looking forward to seeing these once they’re released on May 20th. If you happen to get your hands on any of the items, definitely share your pictures with us on Twitter!


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