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The morning has has come and gone today, and with it was the small quantity of NES Classic Editions available at Best Buys across the nation. From South Philly, to Chicago, to Chula Vista, reports have come in stating the exact same thing: The retro mini machine sold out instantly.

Stock numbers varied from store to store (averaging between 11 and 20), and some locations didn’t even have the luxury of receiving shipments of the product. Lines of tired and anxious Nintendo fans had already formed by the time Best Buy doors opened — with only some customers aware of stock numbers due to signs posted and/or tickets handed out in line. In other words, unless people had the extra time (and patience) to camp out in the wee hours of the morning, on a Monday no less, it’s not likely that they’d even have the opportunity to score the prized unit.

Have a look at some of the experiences fellow hunters of the NES Classic shared with us, and know that if you, too, waited in line, you were most definitely not alone with whatever outcome you experienced.









Whether you had a positive or negative experience waiting in your line, we’d like to send our thanks to those of you who shared your NES Classic adventures with us. If you weren’t able to nab one of these treasured consoles for yourself this time, we wish you the best of luck when it comes to finding one in the future.

With the window closing soon for the production of the NES Classic, we know it’s difficult remaining hopeful. Rest assured, we’ll keep you in the loop when it comes to any new stock that hits retailers from now to the end of April.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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  1. bob says:

    Yeah its bullshit that best buy didnt announce anything about tickets. Its also bullshit all these assholes that bought like $25 of them to sell for $300. Good luck selling it im not payimg that. You can take it and shove it up your ass. Not worth that much. I have 2 nes, a retron, and all those games.

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  2. sinn1 says:

    I passed on waiting in line at Best Buy. I usually wait in lines for midnight releases;I just flat didn’t feel like dealing with it in the morning. I went to Walmart at around 9:30 PM because we needed a new measuring cup, and I asked the guy standing behind the counter if they got any shipments like Best Buy. He said “it’s possible, but I doubt it.” He disappeared into the back and when he returned approximately 5 minutes later he said “we are still looking, hang on a few more minutes.” Five more minutes pass by and he walks out holding an Nes Mini. He said he got clearance to sell it to me and usually you have to, I think pay for it or reserve it 24 hours prior to the sale. At any rate I got one and I have spent the last 4 and a half hours playing Ninja Gaiden and Startropics. I am happy I got one, mainly because I am a gamer and I will not be reselling it (I can’t believe stores allowed people to buy out these consoles; knowing full well what they intended to do with them).

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  3. sinn1 says:

    For some reason my comment was cut off. I am sorry so many people are having a hard time finding an Nes Mini. I hope that everyone one of you find one at a reasonable price. It’s ridiculous that Nintendo is stopping production of this machine. If Nintendo decides to sell a mini SNES (I hope they do, hell I would love to see a Sega Genesis mini made by Sega as well) they need to force the stores to limit the sale of these machines to one per customer. That would put a serious dent into the price gouging that ran rampant with the Nes mini. It’s absolutely shameful and one of the many reasons why I have never been a true Nintendo fan.

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  4. sinn1 says:

    That’s ridiculous, Best Buy should not allow this at all. Do what I did and go to your local Walmart, I think they just got a shipment of them as well. They would have had to because I have not seen a mini in my local store in over 4 months. Ask the cashier at the register and tell them to just check. I literally got an Nes mini at 9:30 ish PM (literally 7 hours ago and I waited for less than 15 minutes).

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  5. Daniel says:

    Nintendo dropped the ball by not making enough. One should not have to camp out like a crazed lunatic just to get one. For those who bought them to just resell for profit, shame on them too.

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