It’s incredible that just when you thought that all the craziest ways to travel across Hyrule in Breath of the Wild had been found, someone manages to come along and show you an entirely new way to look at the game. A YouTuber named nesis has published a video showing how to ride a Guardian through the skies of Hyrule as if it were the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, using nothing more than a simple raft. It should be noted that this appears to be nothing more than a glitch, but it’s exciting, and a little hilarious, nonetheless.

You first have to manage to get a Guardian Stalker to board a raft, demonstrated in the video by using the Cryonis Rune from atop the Guardian to push it onto the raft. Once the Guardian is seated properly, the raft won’t move if blown by a Korok Leaf. Instead, nesis repeatedly hits the Guardian until the glitch activates and it takes flight.

The next step? See the sights! Just be careful not to let the Guardian notice you, and make sure not to fall off either. You can view nesis’ hilarious video in its entirety below, though if you’re in a public place or offended by strong language, you may want to keep the volume off.


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