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Well, it looks like everything we’ve suspected about the Nintendo Switch is true — the release of the console has broken records as evidenced by the NPD results, which Nintendo managed to get ahold of. Some of the most staggering stats include the 900,000 units sold and the over-100% attach rate for Breath of the Wild.

And with the full NPD results now available to the public, we can see firsthand just how successful the Switch launch was. The NPD started tracking hardware launch statistics in 1995, and since then the Switch is now marked as the second most successful hardware launch ever. Additionally, the 900,000+ copies of Breath of the Wild that sold have added immensely to the already staggering numbers for the Zelda series, which has taken the top spot in the adventure genre since 1995.

Breath of the Wild also managed to take the second spot in software sales overall, though there’s a chance that if Nintendo were more willing to release the stats for the game’s digital downloads, it may have taken first.

Note: Does not include digital sales

According to the statistics released, the launch of the Switch contributed to US hardware sales going up a whopping 91% since the previous year, as well as the Breath of the Wild amiibo contributing 43% of the total Interactive Toy Gaming spending.

All in all, it’s plain to see that Nintendo is on a great track right now. I sincerely hope that those who had any doubts have quashed them at this point, because there’s no arguing that Nintendo has made the right moves so far. At this rate, the next couple months and, even years, look pretty promising.

Via: GamesIndustry | VentureBeat

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