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Squid kids, gather ’round; we’ve got a few inktastic images to share with you! A slew of new Splatoon 2 screenshots highlighting the new amiibo functionality have been shared on the game’s official Twitter account today.

You’re probably just as excited about the new character customization options as we are, so you’ll be happy to know that the shots feature a nice range of scenes showing off the new gear available in the second installment, as well as the screens where outfits are saved. One of the most exciting additions — new hairstyles — is also included in the batch of images. You even get to see colorful inked up creations stand next to the brand new amiibo figures in-game, which, quite honestly, is my favorite thing about this latest peek into Splatoon 2.

You’ve gotta admit: Seeing all of the ways in which characters can be tweaked to players’ likings raises the hype even more!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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