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What would a boxing-based title be without a commentator? Enter Biff, the newest face to the world of ARMS who guided all us viewers through the latest update on the upcoming Switch title. With a loud and clear voice and enthusiasm to spare, it was an added level of flavor to what’s already an imaginative and appealing game world. He wasn’t the only thing new that Nintendo had to share here — from here on it’s all about the unique fighting and stretching action coming to the Switch in just a few months!

Gloves and characters

First up were the “ARMS” themselves, the equippable gloves that add variance to your characters punches and abilities. Sometimes these alter trajectory, sometimes power, and some even provide multiple hits — all to suit your individual style. They even have latent attributes that add effects, like electricity or fire, to your attacks when powered up. It’s not just elements though, with effects like “explosion” seen, among others.

These can be unlocked and used by each of the game’s characters, allowing for a high level of customization. By playing each mode of the game, you’ll gather credits to play through a sort of “punching range” that will reward you with more and more based on your performance. When it comes time to fight you can equip different ones to each of your hands, letting your left and right punches feel distinct from each other on top of the added variety inherent to each character.

Meet Min Min and Spring Man

Speaking of characters, we got a look at our first new face since the game’s announcement. Min Min is themed to ramen, with noodle arms that definitely live up to the standards we’ve seen from the rest of the cast. Her unique trait seems to be the ability to actually kick attacks away when she air dodges with correct timing, giving herself an opening to attack instead.

Spring Man, the game’s apparent face, got a bit of focus as well. His ability is to emit a wave of fighting spirit to nullify an oncoming attack, opening up the enemy for his own counter. He also enters a permanent state of charge when he’s below 25% of his health, allowing him to access the attribute effects of his punches ’til the very end. Never say die!


Last but not least, we got to see a brief bit of gameplay for a two-on-two battle mode, bringing four fighters to the ARMS ring. There’s no word on setups available for this one, but it’s likely a few more Joy-Cons will be required. Nintendo must have seen that coming, because it also announced Neon Yellow versions of the newest controller, and battery attachments meant to give them some extra life, to release alongside the game.

Stay tuned

The more we see of ARMS, the more I want it. Make sure to check out the new video showing off its entire section of today’s Direct (seen below), and look forward to the game and the new Joy-Cons springing onto the Switch June 16th.



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Written by Ricky Berg

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