Snake Pass, the first game to run on Unreal Engine 4 for the Switch, was apparently surprisingly easy to get running on the handheld platform.

GamerPros recently sat down with the creator of Snake Pass, Seb Liese, for an in depth interview about the game. During the interview, Liese mentioned that the process of bringing the game to the Switch went really smoothly, especially with Nintendo working closely with the devs. Liese is quoted as saying:

“We only got our dev-kits for the Switch around the end of November last year. In December, lots of people had to take holidays (because they never do), so it was only in January that we really started looking at the port. The coders were saying that within seven days’ work approximately, they had it fully running on the Switch.

After that, of course, there were some tweaks. You’d notice that certain things didn’t work well enough on the Switch, so you’d have to make a couple of tweaks here and there. But yes, the initial process from it being purely PC to having it on a handheld was about seven days from what I’ve heard. I think in the future, that will be even quicker, because essentially, Unreal has an “export as Switch” button now, and because both Unreal and Nintendo have worked closely with us to smooth all this out. I think in the future it will be even simpler for other companies, and for ourselves as well.”

Soon after in the interview, Liese stated that he was “looking forward to seeing a ton of awesome Unreal games in the next two years on my new Switch.”

Receiving confirmation from a game’s creator that working with the Switch has been so smooth is nice, and it’s also encouraging to know that it should be the same for all game devs in the future. At the very least, we can be sure that the Switch has a lot of potential over the next couple years!

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Written by George Comatas

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