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If you’ve been looking for an old school, arcade-style basketball game to play on your spiffy new Nintendo system, the wait is over: developer Saber Interactive is bringing NBA Playgrounds to the Switch soon.

Officially licensed by the NBA, Playgrounds features every NBA team and offers you the chance to kick back with both active and retired players and level them up however you please. The options to play alone, with local multiplayer or “against the world” online are all there for you, too, so you can expect to experience a nice range of gameplay based on what you feel like doing on any given day.

Get ready to perform “hundreds of over-the-top dunks and moves” with NBA Playgrounds in just a few weeks. You can download it directly on your Switch for $20 sometime in May. We’ll report back with an official date once it’s made available. For now, check out the trailer below to get a closer look at what’s coming!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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