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Of all the Switch’s notable and praise-worthy features, one of our favorites is its portability. In fact, the very idea that we have the option to physically pick up the home console and continue playing whatever game we want on the go has led us to believe that it’s a near-perfect system. One of the main reasons why it hasn’t reached that level of perfection is that its battery life is quite short once undocked, lasting only two and a half to six hours altogether, depending on the graphic requirements of the game being played.

Thanks to InDemand Design, a new company that specializes in bringing technology products to market, there could eventually be an answer to the problem of battery longevity on the Switch. The InDemand team has created a battery case specifically for the Switch that adds a 12,000mAh battery to the back of the system, which will give it up to 12 hours of battery life. This spectacular concept case, dubbed the SwitchCharge, pretty much doubles the natural lifespan after a Switch is removed from its dock — which could revolutionize playing the Switch in portable mode.

The extra battery life isn’t the only feature this case offers either. After listening to feedback from reputable technology media outlets and Nintendo fans, InDemand decided to improve the overall ‘on the go’ experience for Switch players by upping the quality of several features once the SwitchCharge case is snapped on the system. Even better, the case is said to be simple to slip on while making the Joy-Cons on the sides easily removable. Most noteworthy, however, is the stronger kickstand that’s attached to the back of the case. As companies like CNET and Trusted Reviews noted, the kickstand is flimsy and makes it difficult for people to charge systems while open on table tops. The SwitchCharge remedies this by making the stand more durable and adjustable. Built into the case are also two additional slots for game cartridges, making it easy for players to carry multiple games with their systems.

Other features for the case include a quick lock/unlock method (when removing or inserting the system), an LED battery indicator and a sleek design.

While all these features sound fantastic, there’s a bit of a downside to the product. At retail, the team speculates that the SwitchCharge will cost $130, which is a hefty price tag for an accessory. While we love the idea of increasing the battery life of our new favorite system from Nintendo, that price would be a bit of an investment. If you do decide to take the plunge and back the SwitchCharge production, however, there’s a perk. You’ll receive 40% off the cost of the case, bringing the price tag down to $75. You can read about all the other benefits of backing the SwitchCharge on its official Indiegogo page.

So far, no one outside of the InDemand Design team has been able to test a model, so we can’t say for certain that all of the promises of the product will be met. But if the SwitchCharge does pan out, and the funding is achieved, the accessory could be a game changer for Switch owners. Our hopes are high for this one!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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