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Just this weekend I was telling my sister-in-law that Breath of the Wild is a game where you can ask yourself any question starting with the words “Do you think I can… ?” And the answer will be yes 90% of the time. Now, there’s always that other 10% where something absurd or outlandish just doesn’t work out, but as players delve deeper and deeper into the game, that 10% seems to be shrinking.

I’ve wondered before if Link could use Magnesis to fly on top of a metal object across the map; upon trying it myself I quickly saw that it wouldn’t work. The game recognizes that Link is on top of the object and breaks the Magnesis connection almost immediately. One YouTuber, mety333, has taken that idea a step further, circumventing the game’s rules. He places a metal box inside a minecart, which he then uses Magnesis on from atop the box. This allows him to levitate since he’s not directly on top of the minecart.

In the video below, you can see him use this trick to take the minecart, with box and Link in tow, to the highest point the game will allow him to reach.


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