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Shin Megami Tensei games can always be a bit tricky to approach from the outside, what with their complex plots and morally gray characters. Usually they’re rooted in fantasy and myth, though occasionally they’ll dip into science fiction territory. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey on the DS was one of these, and Atlus has recently announced a 3DS remake with new content and improved systems.

The official website for Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey has been updated, giving a look at both the new content, and some familiar faces and details for those that played the original.

Dealing with a strange anomaly in the Antarctic, the game’s core cast is sent in to investigate what is now known as the Schwarzwelt. This void threatens to spread and engulf the world, requiring a group of trained specialists to try and impede its expansion. Learning secrets and truths along the way, it seems like the game’s plot isn’t being shaken up from the original and is pretty in line with MegaTen games in the past.

The site details the game’s four crew members, including its nameless playable character, and the over 350 available demons to summon. As for brand new information, we now know that an alternate ending will be available due to the influence of a mysterious assassin named Alex. This will be separate from the core, familiar story by the sound of things. Along with that there’ll be new illustrations and voiceovers for the game, bringing it up to standard with recent MegaTen 3DS titles and enhancing the overall experience.

As far as gameplay goes, the game’s intricate systems have been streamlined to make things easier for everyone without losing out on the depth present in the original. There will also be new difficulty levels and UI elements, plus the ability to save anywhere. All of this will take the edge off of what are traditionally unrelenting games, allowing it to be more accessible for most and, depending how those difficulty levels skew, even more challenging for veterans.

There may not be an announced localization for Deep Strange Journey just yet, but look forward to more coverage in the lead up to its Japanese release this fall.


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