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One of the most common complaints regarding Lego City Undercover when it first launched exclusively on the Wii U in 2013 focused on the load times. Often taking over a minute to load into cutscenes and gameplay, players were left twiddling their thumbs waiting for the action to start.

Many Nintendo fans were hoping the imminent Switch version would change things up but this comparison video from Nintendo World Report shows that while there are improvements, they aren’t nearly as significant as you’d hope:

If you can’t watch the video we’ve listed the key times below, in a [Minute:Second:Centisecond] format:

Title Screen to Opening Cutscene:

  • Switch – 0:51:07
  • Wii U – 1:04:21

Open World to Police Station Interior:

  • Switch – 0:21:12
  • Wii U – 0:26:25

Changing Police Station Floors via Elevator

  • Switch – 0:06:00
  • Wii U – 0:15:12

Going from Police Station to Open World

  • Switch – 0:51:18
  • Wii U – 1:08:12

It’s worth noting that, at the very least, the loading times have some interactivity this time around. Tips pop up and you can rotate a Lego model to pass the time. Still, it’s not the improvement many were hoping for. Here’s hoping Warner Bros. and Traveller’s Tales are working on a patch after the game launches tomorrow, April 4th.

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Written by Tom Brown

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Tom Brown

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  1. SoyFish says:

    Even a slight improvement is just so fantastic. If you could fit the whole game on the console’s internal storage it would be even faster. Never played the game the first time around so I’m super stoked!

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  2. Adrian says:

    Switch is over seconds faster while plugged into power in handheld mode. See for yourself, search: Lego City Undercover Load Time Handheld plugged-in vs. Docked (Digital Download)

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