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HAL Laboratory, the developer best known for creating popular Nintendo franchises like Kirby and Super Smash Bros., recently shared an interesting piece of information with the gaming world: surprisingly, the company worked on several key components for the Switch. This is especially interesting because HAL hasn’t been tied with working on hardware for the Big N in the past.

HAL specifically contributed to UI development regarding the system’s Mii Maker and the web browser, along with several other tools present on the console: the game development environments, the game development tools, the eShop and more.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see Nintendo extending its family of talented people to companies it’s worked with in the past that have also created such successful projects. We can only imagine what these achievements mean, both personally and professionally, for the teams of people who have dedicated so much of their lives to the gaming industry.

To get an even better feel for all the passion expressed towards the hard work put into the Switch, here’s a capture HAL Laboratory has shared of the 32 people who worked on the Nintendo Switch during its development.

Congrats to all those involved in the console’s great success!

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