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Blizzard may be most well known in PC circles, but thanks to the likes of Diablo III and especially Overwatch they’ve no strangers to consoles. Beyond that, their free to play card game Hearthstone has seen great success on mobile platforms. With the Switch existing as a hybrid between home and mobile consoles, some may have been wondering if Hearthstone could pull up a chair and get comfy by Nintendo fans as well.


Directly comparing the Switch to iPads and phones with respect to the game’s potential, senior designer Mike Donais seems to think it’s “a good discussion worth having.” He does also note that his focus is more on card design, a central pillar to the game with respect to keeping its hundreds of cards in some kind of competitive balance.
As for their ultra-popular shooter, director Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team notes via a reddit AMA that bringing it to the Switch could prove challenging. He does express open mindedness at the possibility though, even giving the Switch his seal of approval on a personal level.

These considerations may not sound like much, but talks have to start somewhere and it’s a statement on Nintendo’s newest console that developers are actively interested in having their biggest games on the platform.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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