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Another returning gameplay element has been confirmed for the imminent Splatoon 2: re-rolling abilities.

As your gear’s secondary abilities are randomized once you obtain them, if you aren’t a fan you can re-roll. In the original game this was done by talking to the sea urchin Spyke, while in Splatoon 2 the task is performed by another sea urchin: “Spiky” (this could be localized differently). Apparently he’s quite the admirer of the former.

As seen in the screenshot above, re-rolling all three abilities costs 20,000 gold. Super Sea Snails will also be a currency option, but as of right now it’s unknown how to obtain them. Finally, with each re-roll you get Ability Fragments, which are a more specific way of adding abilities to gear once you collect enough of them.

Splatoon 2 will launch on Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. We’ll be sure to bring you more on the game as news is made available.

Source: @SplatoonJP, via Nintendo Everything

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Written by Tom Brown

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