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I squid you not, new gear’s planned to hit the Splatoon 2 scene! The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has provided us with the first closeup look of some of the shiny new pieces of clothing coming to the game. Shown in the two images provided are three different types of gear: headwear, clothing and footwear.

While we don’t have any super detailed info about the gear yet, it appears as though it will have the ability to boost/improve players’ experiences while performing in matches. And depending on the specific type of item, how it affects the experience will vary. This “gear power” (translated from Japanese to English, courtesy of Google Translate) will operate somewhat differently than what we’ve seen in the original Splatoon. Exactly how it differentiates from previous items is not yet known.

Needless to say, it’ll be nice changing up the battle system with tweaks like this!

Splatoon 2 is scheduled to hit the Switch sometime this summer. We’re bound to get more news before then though, so stay tuned, inklings!

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