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Professional athletes have been known to do all sorts of illegal things to get a leg up on the competition. Steroids, human growth hormones, deflating footballs, you name it. In the competitive scene of Pokémon, things are no different. The Pokémon Company just announced that 7,651 additional people have been banned from online play for having profiles with illegal, altered save data. As far as we know, this new data doesn’t include the 5,954 Trainers that were banned back in January.

If you get to the top by cheating, does that really make you the very best? I don’t think so. Let’s all play fair!


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Written by Logan Plant

Logan loves voicing his opinions just as much as writing them. When he isn’t gaming or writing, Logan’s probably recording a podcast or chatting on the radio. Video game journalism is his passion, and he hopes to cover video games for years to come.