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The other day a remake of the DS JRPG Radiant Historia was announced, with the added subtitle Perfect Chronology. Now some screenshots have been uploaded to the web, courtesy of Famitsu.

The most striking changes appear to be to the UI, which looks much cleaner and smoother than it was originally. First comes a look at the pages of the White Chronicle:

In turn, the character sprites appear identical to the original, albeit in the 3DS’ improved aspect ratio, giving everything a nice widescreen look. Environments appear to be notably sharpened as well, though apparently the title won’t support stereoscopic 3D.

It also appears that the character art is updated — Stocke’s new portrait is much fancier than the original, though still clearly stylized.

We also catch a glimpse of field action, though battles themselves are notably absent. Presumably, they’ve had a heftier reworking, and will be shown sometime within the coming months.

Besides the screenshots, Atlus has also revealed a Perfect Edition of the game retailing at 10,584 yen (roughly $95). The exact contents of the PE aren’t known at the moment, but hopefully they can justify such a steep price.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology launches June 29th in Japan, with no confirmed western release as of yet. Stay wired for more news about the game as it comes in.


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