New job listings for 3D CG designers and character modelers have been added to the Game Freak page, leading many to speculate what this could mean for the next Pokémon game. When translated, the general descriptions introduce the jobs with these details:

3D CG designer

  • It is an opportunity to be involved in the development of the worldwide popular RPG!
  • Since it is a title that has been released for a long time, the development environment is also very well set.
  • It is a position you are looking for in an urgent posting! In addition, as long as development will become full-scale, long-term employment is possible.
  • Schedule management is a very firm firm.

Character modeler

  • We will perform character modeling work in the consumer game development project!

The listings go on to describe that the new hires will be creating character models for a popular RPG; more specifically, they’ll be responsible for designing models of “toon-like” figures, monsters and items. The character modeler position listing makes a point to mention the hunt for someone with experience creating character models at the level of Wii U and PS Vita while having a background in 3D modeling and animation software Maya.

With Game Freak most popularly known for developing Pokémon, it’s conceivable that this call for designers will be applied to whatever new project(s) the company is currently working on for the ‘mon-filled series. And it’s no secret that the Switch is in the spotlight right now, so– who knows– it’s possible that these new hires could be hinting at something involving Nintendo’s brand new console.

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  1. David Bishop says:

    Nientendo don’t do it please just let it be a 3ds game everybody enjoys playing Pokémon on 3ds do you think it would suit them some people don’t have enough money to afford the switch and Pokémon has always been on the Ds then moving on to 3ds but I’m just saying I still want some Pokémon games for the 3Ds I know you guys wil just do what you think is best but switch is very cool but I can’t even get one yet wait do you think they were be any nientendo switches in stores because my dad buys us eater baskets and a gift and if they are in stock I could ask my dad is he could get the switch for me and my brother and then I would be good or I could sell my stuff bye nientendo I’m still hoping that maybe they were still be Pokémon for the 3ds I heard the desiring wasn’t made yet so that’s why I’m here just think about all the kids that love nientendo and can’t buy a switch they love Pokémon and do you think it’s time for a switch?

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  2. Yuki says:

    I find the switch so depressing with its features. Powerful yes! 3DS is the best pocket size device to use internet & youtube. Every game i bought on 3DS Eshop is not transferable on the switch! Please keep Nintendo 3ds alive! <3 to Gamefreak

    Reply →