One of the many unfortunate video game company closures within the last decade that struck a blow, especially with Star Wars fans, was the shut-down of Factor 5. After releasing the well-received Rogue Squadron series across the N64 and GameCube, the company had a hard time following the PS3 launch title Lair, which failed critically and commercially.

Now, years after both the company’s US and German branches closed down, co-founder Julian Eggebrecht has announced in a German interview (translated via NeoGaf) that the company has been resurrected and reacquired all of its original IP. While Star Wars’ rights lie with Disney and EA at this point, it does mean classic side-scrolling shooter Turrican can make a return.

In the interview announcing the studio’s come-back, Eggebrecht also brings up the Nintendo Switch, saying that it lies between the Wii U and Xbox One in terms of power and is easier to develop for than the PS4. This does make it sound like they’re already working on something, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s hoping for all the best this time around, Factor 5!

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Written by Tom Brown

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