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Now the Nintendo Switch has been out for 10 days one aspect has become a point of contention – the price of games, especially in regions like the UK. The issue came to a head last week when the release date and pricing was revealed for Rime, which will cost $10 more on Nintendo’s latest system compared to other platforms. It’s the same case with Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Now, Eurogamer has done some digging to find out why these price hikes are happening. According to various anonymous developers, not only are the cartridges more expensive to produce than Blu Ray discs but the price of manufacture differs depending on the storage capacity and the print run.

This means indie developers may have to pay more for physical manufacturing, due to the more limited print run. Not only that but the price in the eShop can’t be lowered to mitigate these costs either, as Nintendo doesn’t want to sour relationships with physical retail stores.

Something that supports this is the upcoming digital-only Snake Pass, which will cost £15.99 across all platforms.

Hopefully the cost of manufacture will go down in the future, but for now it’s looking like Switch owners will have to prepare to spend extra.

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Written by Tom Brown

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