With any new console, it’s important to have strong third party support right out of the gate. Usually, that means huge AAA titles like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. In recent years, however, indie titles have become ever so important for every console.

Nintendo is already showing that it cares for small developers, having recently held a Nindies event at GDC. According to some developers, Nintendo has already been much better about reaching out to these small market teams than it was in the Wii U era. With the easy portability to the Switch thanks to the Unreal Engine support, developers see no reason the Switch shouldn’t have every game that they make for Steam.

By making the Switch easy to develop for as well as including the necessary power to make high end games, it seems like there’s a bright future ahead for the new hybrid console. The Switch could end up being the place to go for all the best indie titles, along with the fantastic Nintendo first party offerings we’ve come to expect. That seems like a winning recipe to me.


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Written by Logan Plant

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