To anybody who’s gotten their hands on one of the Switch’s Pro Controller’s, go ahead and take a quick look at it.

According to Twitter user geo_stream, you may be able to find a hidden message from Nintendo barely stuck inside under the top side of the right joystick. If you pull it down and look at it really closely, you’ll be able to see the words “thx2 allgamefans!” written in white.

The message doesn’t serve any purpose other than to, as it says, thank the fans who’ve bought the system and the controller, but it’s a nice little message for Nintendo to send people (even if most people could go their whole lives without seeing it!).

According to responses on Twitter, all the Pro Controllers have this message hidden within them.

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Written by George Comatas

As a wannabe social media personality and professional in the world of sarcasm, George does his best to always adapt to the changing world around him. He considers himself a maverick: a true-to-heart gamer with the mind of a pop star. Whether this makes him revolutionary or a setback, he's yet to find out. But one thing’s for sure; he's one-of-a-kind.