For the longest time, a group of dedicated Mother fans has been making a fanmade entry in the series, dubbed Mother 4. After several years of work and restarting the project multiple times, however, the team has apparently come to a consensus to turn the work into a spiritual successor, dropping the title of “Mother 4” and all icons of the series with it.

In an AMA on Reddit, team members offered explanations and justifications for the action. While they hadn’t been hit by a DMCA claim, they’re rebranding as a preemptive measure after the action Nintendo has taken against other fangames like AM2R last year. The team members also feel that while they love the project and clearly take great inspiration from EarthBound, it would never be the Mother 4 that series creator Shigesato Itoi spoke of when talking about wanting to play a fan-made version. Some known changes done already are altering PSI/PK to VOX (Voice Operated Switch), and removing series NPCs (like Mr. Saturns) and music (such as Snowman).

The team also reaffirms that the game will be completely free, and clearly very inspired by the Mother series. No new name for the title has been announced yet, nor a release date or window — given its development struggles, it may be quite some time before it sees the light of day. But hopefully this labor of love, when released, will manage to stand on its own while proudly showing its inspiration.

To stay updated with the latest news about this project, check out the team’s Mother 4 site.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

A writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington. When not working for NinWire, she can be found eating pasta, writing stories, and wondering about when Mother 3 is finally going to get an official localization.

Amelia Fruzzetti

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  1. Jason Anderson says:

    It’s for the best. After what happened with AM2R. It looks amazing enough as it is without being Mother related. I look forward to playing it.

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  2. Hero TJ says:

    How about “Madre Quatro” for the title? Yeah.

    Rating: 5
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  3. This is what they should have done to begin with.

    This is what any fan of anything should do, once they start on a “fan-game”.

    After Squaresoft pulled a C&D on the Chrono Resurrection project the public learned that companies actually need to do this in order to retain the rights to their IP and prevent it from being genericised.

    Really, the only reason any “fan” would make a fan-game at this point is either because…
    1. They’re under the impression that that trademark is already genericised,
    2. They’re pretending to be under the impression that that trademark is already genericised, or
    3. To provoke the IP-owner into protecting their intellectual property, and then directing the anger of the internet at them.

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  4. Hurr Durr says:

    Oh good, a preventative measure for something that wouldn’t happen in the first place.

    Rating: 4
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  5. DMCA doesn’t cover trademark law. If they’re filing a DMCA instead of a trademark claim (like when Notch wanted to make a game named Scrolls and was sued by Bethesda), then there is no concern about their IP being genericized. When you own a copyright, all rights are reserved, now and forever. It does not matter how many people infringe on your copyright, you have exclusive rights to sue as many or as few of them as you like. Trademarks do not have the same protections. AM2R was a DMCA, not a trademark C&D. If they are filing a DMCA claim it means that they are not concerned about their trademarks becoming generic, it means they’re an asshole.

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  6. Cazare says:

    Wow! I never heard about it! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Mr. MegaManFan

    Ultimately a wise move on their part to see their labor of love will not be for naught.

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  8. King ofKings says:

    Nintendo is the most retarded company of all time. Ki

    Rating: 1
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