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One of the key features of the Nintendo Switch is the ability to seamlessly swap between playing games on either your portable or television screens. Today, however, we learned that doesn’t necessarily mean all Switch titles need adhere to this standard, courtesy of the fledgling console’s very first off TV-only title.

Announced a few days ago by Famitsu, VOEZ is a smartphone ported rhythm game currently slated for release on March 3rd in Japan for 2,500 yen. Due to the game requiring the rhythmic tappings of the touch screen in mobile mode to play, it makes perfect sense why it wouldn’t quite vibe with more traditional controls required of TV play.

While some may snark at the omission of such a key selling point for the swappable system, giving developers a choice between making the game available in one or both modes does have a significant upside. It ultimately means more ports and localizations of touch-centric games may find their way to the Switch, including a (hopefully) inevitable DS and 3DS virtual console.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch allowing for games to be played exclusively in portable mode? Sounds off in the comments!

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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