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The Switch has made its way to certain, lucky, industry hands and that means more of its internal structure and specs are coming to light. An article on gives a great and in depth look, for anyone eager to know what the system can do on a technical performance level.

One facet of this that stands out in particular is a setting available to developers that will allow them to boost the performance of the system when it’s used in its handheld mode. While speeds were previously determined to hover around 307.2MHz, this developer level toggle will up that to 384MHz. This 25% boost in power, while unavailable to the public, says a lot about the system and its possibilities.

While that scratches the surface, the original article features information on topics such as the inner layout of the hardware, its cooling systems, and memory bandwidth available to developers. For a full breakdown, head over to Eurogamer to see their full breakdown.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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